Dolls Currently Here, Page 4

This page is mostly my oddball stuff, things that I thought were cool but don't really fit the rest of my collection.
Here is my rescue Vampire Dark Elf Soo (she has her teeth modded off), I repainted her her current color:
here is my resident crazy guy, Smirky Nick--he was some kind of custom Minimee that was traded to Buff for some other custom work. He was a bit damaged--broken ear, some nicks on his head, which gave him his wacky personality (and name). He actually has teeth, which you can't see in this picture. I love putting Goth and glam stuff on him, his vivid coloring suits the style.
A cute little Faryland Shushu,type A, painted by Arianne02 on Den of Angels
And an Iplehouse Jessica head, who needs a body (Marilyn is on a Super Gem body):
Here's "Kip",a boy Resinsoul Ai with a B and G body: