Dolls Currently Here, Page 2

And Zinnober, a Soom Sphaler Head on a wonderful Impl body.
This is Brisbane, a WS Soom Sphaler, (or rather his head, since he's on an Angel of Dream body for the moment.)
Then there is FuBai, a WS Sphaler head, Impldoll body, and BIG Chalco hooves, face by me:
Here's a Soom Sphaler head on an Impldoll Star body, he's Balthazar, Persian Mage, patiently waiting for me to sew for him. His faceup is by Davineurinvega on DoA.
Here's a Soom Sphaler head/body on some Heliot knees and Cuprit translucent hooves. "Melchior" the Sea Kirin is a pretty successful hybrid, as he can stand and sit just fine. Faceup by me.
And another Sphaler, "Sensei Fuzzy Cluster", aka Kaspar; with the head and body, antlers and hands in Normal skin. The name is from Baakay on Den of Angels, from a customized photo of the default Sphaler and a Photoshop brush.;)
A Soom girl; a Monthly Doll Coquina, "Myrtle the Frog Fairy", wearing an outfit by VictoriaVictrix on Den of Angels:
Another Soom; Sirocco, a Soom Migma on a Breccia body: