Dolls Currently Here

Here's some of the dolls hanging around the house right now. (Currently there are 5 pages of pix attached here). People come and go on a regular basis, but this is who is here as of January 2012.

Always first is Rain-Over-Stone, he started as a doll before he was a web comic character. He's currently an Immortality of Soul "G", after being first a Dream of Doll Tender Lahoo and then a Lahoo.

I was incredibly lucky to get him--and nervous about painting him up! This is what he originally looked like.
Then there is his partner Bryan Kim, part otter, all science guy..well, a bit silly, too, currently played by a Iplehouse Denzel, with no modded hands yet (he's supposed to have Nanuri pointed ears, but I haven't done anything about them yet either)
Next is a Fairyland Vampire Moon, confusingly a figment of Bryan's imagination: Ellis Kim, the Kabuki Ghost, and advisor and ancestor of Bryan's. His wonderful faceup is by Laura Buff.
Then another Fairyland Vampire Moon, a random Bad Guy time travelling between the 18th and 25th century, Alejandro Rojas. I just thought he was cool :)
Next is Malachi the Sorcerer, yet another Delf Moon. His face is painted by Effigy on DoA, though I plan to tinker with him a bit, he'll get dreadlocks and jewelry and other magical doodads.
Here's..another Moon-type guy, a Juri07A, in this case Lee Kim Jun, who has no function except to look cute, wear fancy clothes, and surf the web with me. Laura Buff did his faceup, and his appropriate "been watching YouTube for the past 6 hours" look!
And Look, a Dreaming Delf Moon on a Soom Gem body..not bad! This is Queen Hermione:
And finally Vittorio, another Dreaming Delf Moon, with his face done by Laura Buff <3.